Which functions does easyPlast offer?

Administrative functions

• Users and rights

• Freight and payment terms

• Unlimited translations:

• Packaging types, ratings, TARIC number, etc.


• Individual and collective offers

• Monitoring response

• article-specific or general 


• Supplier, transport and customer order confirmation

• Dispo / transport monitoring

• Marine management

Contacts / CRM

• Reels: supplier, transporter, customer, compounder, dealer, and many more.

• People, warehouses, truck scales, and much more


• Detailed, group and value overview

• Shopping cart with specialised search

• Processing, repackaging, reserving, and much more

Material / Article

• Images, data sheets

• Type, shape, color, application, MFI

• Groups, key words, tags


• Supplier and customer pricing

•  type related as well as concrete article related prices

• Special search with "last price" function


• Inventory, stock values, quantities per article / customer / period, waste, and much more.

• Export function: xls, pdf

Transport costs

• Cost per route and forwarder

• Multistop

• Best price search

Universal e-mail connection

• integrates your existing email system

Further Customizations

• by customer requirements

Additional features

• also non specific article description such as "approx. 5t injection molding" possible

• Transaction-related administration of external documents such as data sheets, photos, e-mails, scans, etc.

• Extensive search options for groups or characteristics such as: "PP customer", "extrusion", "non-milling", etc.

• Bid-oriented processing with decision-making support for several potential customers